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Nothing better illustrates the game-changing power of game than a real life, unscripted video of a guy using it on a girl he just met and making out with her within ten minutes. Watch this video and behold the future of the West:

I will now break down his game and how he was able to so effortlessly achieve what the mediocre masses of betas imagine is impossible.

0:08 He comes in at an angle so as not to activate her proximity bitch shield.

0:14 Direct opener. “Excuse me can I tell you something? I just saw you and I love your style.” Remember, direct openers should usually be followed with a neg or a similar disqualification to avoid insta-betatization.

0:20 Neg: “You don’t often see people dressed like you.” See how a neg works Conor Friedersdorf? It’s not an insult. It’s a sly backhanded compliment. Do try and keep up.

0:42 His first kino. (He grazes her belly with his fingertip.)

0:42 – 2:00 He makes small talk with her by appealing to her cultural pride. He builds a connection by talking about matrushka dolls and the fable of Anastasia. This would be a good time to point out that she is yet another naturally slender, cute Russian chick.

Body language update: Note how he gesticulates with lots of open palm gestures. This is designed to bypass her threat detection system. Important for daytime street game.

2:00 He asks her name. That’s two minutes in, not five seconds in like so many guys are apt to do.

2:50 She goes to shake his hand and he denies her in favor of a fist bump. Formality reframe. He is also able to get a lot of kino this way. Notice his hand on her upper arm at 3:05.

3:32 When they shake hands he turns his hand over hers. Minor dominance signal.

3:45 He begins role playing. Note how he assumes the sale.

4:20 He coaxes a “preliminary kiss” out of her. This lowers her guard for the later makeout which will then seem normal to her.

4:40 He talks about his best friend, “an English girl named Sarah” he met, and how meeting her was similar to his meeting Masha now. Preselection and remote social proof.

5:02 “You seem like a nice friendly person.” — Sincere compliment, rapport building. “I’m a nice friendly person.” Tip: Giving a girl a sincere compliment is a slight DLV (demonstration of lower value), which is why he immediately tempers it with a somewhat cocky followup.

5:10 He begins disqualifying himself as a suitor. “If we met just now we could still be friends.” Disqualification short circuits a girl’s natural coyness.

5:00 – 6:00 He tells travel stories about himself. This is a low key demonstration of higher value.

6:30 He casually checks his phone in the middle of talking to her. This is a calculated game move. Alphas act distracted.

Body language update: He stands his ground well. He doesn’t fidget or alter his positioning on the sidewalk.

6:44 Major IOI. She strokes her hair while talking to him. I guarantee he took note of it.

7:10 She asks him about his cell phone interruptions, and he says “don’t worry about it” and continues gaming without further explanation. Solid dominance frame.

7:39 He touches her hair. Critical kino escalation.

7:55 Another major IOI from the girl. She asks him where he was going. The pickup is now his to lose.

8:05 He initiates number close sequence.

8:20 He holds his hands out, palm up. This is a move of vulnerability and openness to elicit accelerated feelings of comfort. Then he paces his future actions by telling her “I was going to do something crazy”. Future pacing is a very specific game tactic.

8:37 “Don’t be afraid of me”. Big warm smile. “Do you feel afraid by just holding my hands?” By saying this he subliminally taps into every woman’s desire for an unpredictable, possibly dangerous man.

8:42 “Do you know how to say it’s like it’s crazy for people to just kiss on the street?” Remember, logical coherent sentences are not required for gaming chicks. This is another example of reality pacing. By describing the world he’s taking her into, she becomes more susceptible to following him.

8:50 “How cool would it be if we just kissed right now.” He boxes her in. If she doesn’t kiss him now, she’s not cool.

9:00 “Just for a minute.” Bam! Kiss close.

9:40 (40 seconds later) That wasn’t a kiss close, it was a tonguedown close.

9:45 “Alright we’ll try it again some other time.” He doesn’t linger. Crucial! Get her good and lubed and then LEAVE her wanting more.

9:52 She says “You’ll promise you’ll text me, right?” She’s putty in his hands.


What a clinic. Nearly everything this guy did was a specifically designed game technique for the purpose of attracting women. This video has inspired me once again. Steady dating has sapped me of my motivation to hit on women. It’s natural for a man to fall into a comfort zone; the secure, unjostled, placid existence of the relationship herb. The raging fire slowly flickers to a warm ember. Watching videos of pickups and friends game in real life whips the dying flames back into an inferno.

I write a lot about how game can strengthen relationships and marriages, but there is also a dark side to game. It gives men options. And options mean instability. A guy with tight game may just decide “working on the relationship” is a fool’s errand, or worse, an act of beta supplication, and it’s more fun anyhow to replace and renew with fresh pussy. Game should make all women very uncomfortable about their position in relationships, for a man with game will have the confidence, and the skills, to walk away on the flimsiest pretext knowing that an ocean of women is available to him. And nothing reinvigorates a man’s soul like meeting, and making out with, brand spanking new girls on the sidewalk.


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