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A Test Of Your Game

Pulled from a friend’s real life events!

You’ve been dating a woman for about six weeks. The sex has been great and you enjoy her company. Recently, she accepted into her furrow your unsheathed manhood. Things are heating up. She has showered you with adequate flattery and cooed sweet talk in your ear. (No L word yet.) Everything is going well.

Then, one Thursday evening, she sends you a cryptic text announcing there is bad news, she won’t be around for the weekend because she is flying out of town. She thinks she’ll be back Sunday evening. She gives no reason for the sudden departure. She signs off the text with a couple of perfunctory “xo”s.

You text her back immediately asking why she’s flying out of town, and if everything is OK. She texts an hour later saying she’ll call you sometime during the weekend.

Friday and Saturday pass with no word from her. Despite your best efforts to remain an alpha paragon of aloofness and indifference, you begin to fret, remembering those times she talked about the ex she dumped wanting to get back in her life. Then you muse about the aspects of her nature that you don’t relish so much — the fact that she’s just north of 30, has no decent career prospects, and still talks of moving to new cities for “life experience” like she’s a recently minted college graduate. She’s assertive and flaky, an all too typical combination in a single DC woman.

You consider your options. Call or text her once more demanding an explanation? Send another inquiring text gently wondering if she’s in trouble? Do nothing?

Sunday morning arrives, still no word.

As with previous posts testing your game, the question is simple:

It’s Sunday afternoon. What do you do?

Late Sunday evening, after midnight, she finally calls. You were sleeping. She leaves a voicemail telling you she just got back into town and she’s really tired. She’ll talk later.

It’s Monday evening. Your phone is ringing. It’s her. You consider your options. Get angry and call her out on her cagey bullshit? Remain calm and act as if nothing she did was abnormal? Comfort her in her time of need? Don’t answer the phone?

What do you do?

I will post the answer later.


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