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Even Tom Brady Runs Game

db (a chick) left this comment to my alpha body language post:

re: alpha body language, check out most nfl quarterbacks, from their stance on the field while playing to how they conduct themselves in interviews and on the sidelines.  much more alpha than the typical preening wide receiver whinyboys.  and, though the offensive line guys are arguably tougher, have a more ‘james bond’ style.  think tom brady – who was quoted in an old issue of si when asked about how he got giselle saying something like “you have to shake her confidence; make her wonder ‘what’s wrong with me’.”

You’d think a guy like Tom Brady, an apex alpha, would have no need for any sort of game. He could show up and women would make his job easy. But even Tom sees a need to run game on a female uberalpha like Gisele. It sounds like Tom hit up Gisele with a well-placed neg. Tom, like me, understands the importance of leveraging a woman’s insecurities to boost one’s status and thereby raise a woman’s buying temperature. People who believe “natural alphas” don’t play these sorts of head games with women are wrong. Tom Brady has revealed that alphas use game, too, and oftentimes more cruelly and devastatingly than the typical enlightened beta on a path of sexual redemption. Some may argue an alpha doesn’t need to run game, but that’s not how alphas think. An alpha is always looking to amass more and hotter pussy than he knows what to do with.

This vignette illustrates clearly the power of game — it helped a natural alpha like Tom Brady, a man already in possession of the full suite of conventional male attractiveness traits, breach a supermodel’s panty barrier.

In other news, Mel Gibson has informed his much younger Russian girlfriend that he will have a paternity test done on her baby when it is born. Mel has been reading my blog. I’m glad to see him shedding the straightjacket of his beta religious sensibilities. A looming $500 million dollar divorce payout will do that to a man.

Maxim #666: All kneel before the god of biomechanics, by sword or by surrender.


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