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The Love Test: A Routine

A while back on this blog I mentioned in passing that I had a comfort building routine I use which isn’t, as far as I’m aware, especially well-known in the seduction community. The routine was given to me by a friend. Its effectiveness is without doubt; of all the women I’ve charmed with the love test, my bang rate is 90%. For a long while it was my go-to comfort stage routine; I was on auto-pilot when I used it.

Since I’m feeling generous I will share it with everyone here. Virginal routines that haven’t yet gone mainstream are worth their words in gold, so get on your knees and kiss my triskelion ring for this gift I give you. All I ask is that you don’t use the routine on girls if you happen to be in St Louis, Soweto, Prague, Warsaw, Toronto, or the Australian outback. It’s bad form to cross the streams.

As with all psychological routines designed to elecit an emotionally bonding reaction in a girl and to demonstrate your perspicacity, the way to segue into the love test without sounding a false note is to say “I can tell you something about yourself with a simple game”. Most girls, as long as you have built attraction with them, will bite at this delicious bait.

If you are a girl reading this post who remains unviolated by my tremendous manhood, you may want to give yourself this test before reading the answers. Just read the italicized parts and cover up the answers underneath with your hand.

The Love Test

You will ask the girl a series of six questions within a story in which she is presented with two choices as an answer for each question. She must choose one or the other, and she has to go with her gut. Remind her to answer quickly and to avoid lingering over a choice. At the end of the test, you will tell her what her answers reveal about herself.

“You have a lover, a man who is everything to you. He lives apart from you, but within walking distance. One day you decide to visit him. You have two paths you can take to get to his home. One is a short but boring path that will get you there quickly. The other is a long but scenic path with many beautiful sites that will take longer. Which do you take?”

If she answers “short”, this means she falls in love quickly. She is passionate and impulsive.
If she answers “long”, this means she takes a while to fall in love. She is circumspect and enjoys the buildup to falling in love.

“Along the path you come across rose bushes. The roses come in two colors — red and white. You decide you want to pick some roses for your lover. You are allowed to pick twenty roses of any combination of red or white. How many red and how many white roses do you pick?”

Red roses symbolize selflessness. A woman who picks more red than white roses is a giver in a relationship.
White roses symbolize selfishness. A woman who picks more white than red roses is a taker in a relationship.
[Editor’s note: You’d probably not be surprised how many women pick more white than red roses. This part of the test is a great screening mechanism for LTR material.]

“You arrive at your lover’s home and knock on the door. A family member opens the door. Do you ask to be let in so you can go to his room to see him, or do you ask the family member to bring him to the door?”

If she answers “ask to be let in”, she does not let arguments simmer in a relationship. She prefers having it out.
If she answers “bring him to the door”, she lets arguments slide and buries her anger. She avoids conflict and drama.

“You go up to his bedroom and he is not there. You want to leave the roses in his room. Do you leave them on his windowsill or on his bed?”

If she answers “windowsill”, she prefers more casual relationships where she doesn’t feel a need to see her lover very often.
If she answers “bed”, she prefers intense relationships where she sees her lover a lot.
[Editor’s note: Windowsill girls are cheap dates.]

“Your lover returns and you two spend the night together making sweet sweet sex. You both fall asleep and in the morning you wake up first. You lean over to his side of the bed to see if he is awake. Is he awake or still sleeping?”

If she answers “awake”, she is the type of girl who will try to change her man into her image of the perfect boyfriend.
If she answers “asleep”, she loves her man just the way he is, flaws and all.

“It’s the end of the day and time for you to say goodbye to your lover and go home. As before, you are presented with two paths to get home — a long but scenic path and a short but boring path. Which path do you take?”

If she answers “long”, she takes a long time to fall out of love. Breakups are hard on her. She is given to nostalgia and reminiscence. She is a natural romantic.
If she answers “short”, she falls out of love quickly. Breakups are short, sharp affairs that she gets over in no time and with little handwringing. She is a natural slut.


I remember this one particularly aggro lawyerchick I ran the love test on. These were her answers:

  1. long
  2. all white
  3. asked to be let in
  4. windowsill
  5. awake
  6. short

I enjoyed making her wince with pain during anal sex.


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