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Open This Set

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Take a look at this photo…

A reader, who obviously remembers the first installment of ‘Open This Set’, sent me the above photo along with the following challenge to my manhood:

Attached is a set. Your target is second from right, against the pillar.

I accept this mission.

One, I would approach this four set obliquely, by myself, as if I was walking past them on my way to get free drinks from prettier women. I understand the wisdom of entering sets alone and having a wing step in later if necessary. After all, what will a woman deem more courageous and alpha? A solo rebel or a man riding point with moral support from his wolfpack?

Since this is an all-female set I can be flirty and edgy right away. No need to ease in slowly and assure a bunch of guy friends that I am not a threat. I notice a few things in the split second before opening — lots of half-empty drinks and a bottle, dyed hair, phallic toy (bachelorette party?) being held by girl with loudest fashion sense (attention whore), older brunette is the mother hen, two girls on right closer to each other than they are to the other two, girl in purple is the neediest (conspicuous lean-in), all four sitting on couch (possible bottle service? girls’ night out?), and most importantly… the target (second from right) has her hand wedged deep between her legs with her knees pressed together tightly. She is ovulating and horny. Her vulva rubs against the sheer fabric of her black tights. She will respond very well to a neg because ovulating girls are the ones most aroused by dominant men.

There are two options for opening here. Either go simple and straightforward, or go situational. Both are effective. An easy-to-remember generic opener, and one that would work well for men who sometimes experience brain lock on the approach, is a Roosh-style opener. For example:

“You guys look like you’re having the most fun of anyone here.”

The opener I would use for this set would be situational. The situational opener, a little more advanced as it requires thinking on your feet, has to focus on something unique about them and their immediate surroundings. I would stop halfway between, look over my shoulder, and address the girl most likely to cockblock — the American Bitch with the penis toy:

“You’re not holding it right. You want to pull it off? Figures. I feel sorry for your husband.”

Some laughing and shrieking would ensue, American Bitch would insist she doesn’t have a husband (I knew this already because I took note of the lack of a ring), and then I would propel the banter forward by accusing them of being another lame bachelorette party. I would wonder aloud if their fiancees knew what they were up to tonight. This baits them to give me vital information on who is in a serious relationship. Then I would turn my attention to my target and unload a neg:

“You look uncomfortable with that toy so close to you.”

I would then quickly address the two on the left. “Do you guys have to drag her kicking and screaming into having a good time?” Smirking, of course. Consider the smirk the .44 Magnum of the inveterate player. It always hits what it aims for and removes bitch shields like it removes fingerprints.

I’ve just flipped the frame from trying to earn their approval, to having them defend the group dynamic of their unimpressive girl fiefdom. It goes well (it always does because I am James Motherfucking Bond) and I motion for one of my boys to come over so we can either get these girls up off the couch or nudge them apart by sitting down with them. Sitting on the couch while I stand is a power position for them, and stripping them of that power is of the utmost urgency.

Now it’s your turn.



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