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Paleocons Are Hedonists

And the god of biomechanics did enlighten thee…

Frequently phlegmatic commenter Thursday posted a link in the comments to yesterday’s slut admiration society post that contained a news item about noted paleocon Roger Scruton marrying at the age of 54 a 26 year old woman:

Scruton did not become a father until two years ago when he and his second wife, Sophie Jeffreys, had Samuel. A second child, Lucy, was born last August. Jeffreys, an architectural historian, is 28 years his junior. They live contentedly on a farm in Wiltshire.

And the Pale Sentinel of the Paleocon Underworld Peter Brimelow was in his 60s when he married the 22 year old cutie-pie Athena:

Bacchus bless these refined aesthetes of poon hounding. Men of wealth and taste…

In other news, commenter Patrick provided a helpful link to MP3s of the “War of the Roses” stunt thats plays on the local DC radio station 99.5. Why do haters bother doubting me? As Patrick wrote:

I can confirm from a quick sampling –especially yesterday’s show– that the shows are indeed real and not scripted, that the presumed-alphas indeed don’t give a shit, and that their duped girlfriends are probably going to get cheated on by default anyway.

A particularly funny segment where a cheating man claims an AIDS test discovered by his girlfriend was due to him having accidentally put on another dude’s underwear at the gym. Obviously he banged some total slut he didn’t care a bit about so the roses trick didn’t work because no man would send even free roses to a whore he suspects to have venereal disease. The other-dude’s-underwear ruse was pretty weak though.

Great post.

Another win for me. I tire of the paucity of challengers to my brilliance. Pissboy! Wait for the shake.


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