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Because the ‘I have a boyfriend’ shit test reflex is commonly encountered when picking up women, many resourceful men have figured out ways around it. As far as I can tell, workarounds fall into the following categories:

  • Acknowledge it and plow

An example of this would be replying “Oh, that’s cool. Hey, you can bring him along when we go for drink.” Or: “Every girl has some guy they call a  boyfriend.” Proceed with pickup as before.

  • Ignore it and plow

She says “I have a boyfriend”; you say… “Hey, check this out. Which fingers do you wear your rings on?” Proceed with pickup as before. [See: Style’s Ring Finger routine]

  • Make a clever retort and plow

For instance, she says “I have a boyfriend” and you reply “That’s cute. So does my girlfriend! We have something in common.” Proceed with pickup as before.

  • Preempt it

Before she has a chance to vomit the ‘I have a boyfriend’ line, you say “I’m surprised you would come to a place like this without your boyfriend” or “Does you boyfriend know you’re out here tonight?” and see if she bites. Upside: Saves lots of time avoiding users like the girl in yesterday’s post. Downside: Reminds her of the boyfriend if she really has one.

  • Indict the boyfriend and plow

The idea behind this tactic is to plant a seed of doubt in her mind about her boyfriend (or strengthen the doubt already in her mind). So you reply: “Do you need your boyfriend’s permission to talk to a cool guy in a bar?” Or: [look around] “I used to let my girlfriend go out with her friends a lot. It was good because I could do my own thing when she wasn’t around.” [smile mischievously] “Where’s your boyfriend?” Ignore her answer and plow.

  • Question her independence and plow

Reply: “You’d better give him a call and tell him you’re not doing anything bad. Some guys worry.” Turbocharged plow!


Which one of the above countermoves is most effective? I don’t know. I’ve used all of them with some success. The key is to pay attention to the point in the conversation when she ejaculates the ‘I have a boyfriend’ line. If she says it right away before you’ve gotten two words out of your mouth, it is most likely not a shit test to determine your fuckworthiness. She either doesn’t like the cut of your beta jibe and is letting you down quickly and easily, or she really does have a boyfriend and is being a woman with integrity by letting you know this up front before you have wasted precious minutes futilely gaming her.

On the other hand, if she talks with you for a while before saying it, and she has dropped a few IOIs your way, there is a good chance it is an artificial hurdle. She either has a (rapidly fading) boyfriend and is open to being properly seduced by you, or she doesn’t have a boyfriend and her saying it is just a crude shit test because she’s a woman of low character and social retardation. Either way, you should plow as if her boyfriend objection is meaningless, because it is. The third possibility, and the most dangerous female ploy, is the one I wrote about yesterday: She has a boyfriend she is not going to cheat on, but omits this vital information so she can delight in the ego stroking you give her with your flirty attention. The only way to avoid timesucks like this is to preempt the boyfriend excuse, as explained above. The problem with preemption is that it risks setting an anti-seduction tone. Luckily, I’ve found that it’s a minority of taken women who will deliberately string men along for the attention.

How will you know if she’s open to being seduced away from an imaginary (or not) boyfriend, or if she’s just using you for validation? The answer is in her facial expression. As with the girl I wrote about yesterday, a woman who looks clearly apologetic when she drops the boyfriend bomb and turns rapidly cold after saying it is an attention whore. A user of the good feelings you gave her for twenty minutes. But, if she is still engaged with you after mentioning her boyfriend, and her flirty demeanor hasn’t let up at all, you can safely assume the BF excuse is just that… an excuse. Be sure to verify her continued interest by moving her to a quiet part of the bar. This is critical. A girl in a relationship who has no intention of screwing around on her boyfriend will not follow you to a different location, no matter how good your game or how much she likes you or how few feet away is the new spot. The venue change/location move is a reliable test for smoking out the user whores.


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