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Alpha Move Of The Day

The Forearm Grab

You’re holding court with three girls. You’re feeling good, on top of your game, and you’ve nailed the perfect stance — standing with your back against the bar surveying your kingdom. The words and the smirks are coming naturally. You know the whole place is watching, intrigued by your social mastery. Five minutes, ten, twenty… you’re not really sure how much time has passed. Your main target’s two friends say they are going to another bar. She shrugs her shoulders at you, smiling, and says she’s going to go with them.

You know this is an IOI to at least grab her contact info. Instead, you reply “You’re a cool chick. Have fun with your friends.” As she turns away and begins to walk off, you grab her forearm firmly and say “Hey”. She spins around, looking at you with a mix of surprise and desire. Her two friends have walked ahead of her. “You’re interesting. Let’s meet sometime. I’ll need your number.” Insta-close.


Why this works:

The rollercoaster concept. Girls love oscillating from high to low to high again. She was waiting for you to lunge for her number when she said she had to leave. You denied her that. Unpredictability. Disappointed, she prepared to leave. Then, you grabbed her arm like a mighty godlike hand from the heavens and denied her the disappointment as well.

The hard physical contact. Your grab was firm, fingers wrapped all the way around. This was no time for the light touch. The occasional unapologetically hard and bold kino is one of the purist demonstrations of alphaness. Done at the right time, it will shatter female defenses.

The non-neediness. You almost let her get away. And yet you seemed preternaturally calm about having nearly lost her to the crowd. She was left with the impression that you had no plan to get her number, but changed your mind at the last second. You’re different than every other guy.

Give it a shot.


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