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Collateral baggage:

A mother told an inquest she did not know she had given birth until flushing her baby down a toilet by accident.

Claire Jones, 32, became pregnant after an affair with a work colleague but hid her condition from friends and family.

Here are photos of the whore, her cuckolded beta hubby, and her alpha lover:

Guess which man above is the alpha interloper and who is the tooled beta. Explain your reasoning. Points given for incisive analysis.

She said she planned to leave [her beta provider], and her work colleague [alpha lover], who was aware of the pregnancy, bought items for the baby in preparation for his birth.

When asked why she did not leave [her beta provider] before the baby was due, she replied: “Things had got in such a mess with the two relationships. I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I just messed everything up.”

When dispensing the cruel but necessary judgement of public shaming, it’s important to understand that women follow their animal instincts, and thus a utilitarian justification for shaming carries as much weight as the umbrage of moral righteousness. Many whores subconsciously assess the risk of discovery worth the upsides — she gets the best of both worlds in a duped beta hubby continuing to support her while acquiescing impotently to her withdrawal of sex, and the seed of an alpha male who chips in some resources of his own to help raise his bastard child.

Before the picture of the whore was released, commenters to the original story were incredulous that a woman could not know she was pregnant. This led to some hilarious speculation:

I bet she’s a porker. Otherwise, it’s hard to believe you could give birth and just think you were having a wet BM. Does anyone have a 7-8 pound BM? Disgusting.

I don’t believe that a woman can’t tell what is coming out of where. Cause they sure as heck know what is going in and where.

Must have been a low flow. A good toilet wouldn’t have left any pesky feet!

british society = flushed headfirst down a toilet.

Shout out to fire and brimstone reader Shouting Thomas: I’m glad the baby died. Both the whore and her lover have been denied a genetic legacy, and the beta husband has avoided a fate that is the equivalent of female rape — unknowingly raising another man’s child.


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