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Here is a quick and effective one-liner/neg to toss out that will instantly raise your value with the girl you like. It’s easy to remember, versatile, and virtually betaproof.

“I’m surprised you’re [wearing those shoes].”

You can fill in the brackets with anything you notice about her. For example:

“I’m surprised you’re [wearing that color scarf].”

Naturally, the girl will follow up indignantly with something like:

“Why? What do you mean?!”

You’ll want to calibrate the sting of your reply to her beauty. If she’s an 8 or above, go harsh:

“Your colors don’t match. Unless that was the look you were going for.”

If she’s lower than an 8, soften the edges:

“Oh, nothing. It’s a unique choice. It takes some courage to pull that off.”

Occasionally, you’ll come across a girl who will challenge your rude observation with a response like this:

“Yeah, well, I love these shoes. I’m surprised you notice stuff like that.”

If she gives you flak, don’t sweat it. You’re in! A testy girl is an intrigued girl. You’ve nudged her out of the indifferent zone into the shit test zone. Consider this a troop advancement.


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