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Sarcasm Is Unfeminine

I had the following conversation with Zeets.

Me: How goes the dating circuit?

Zeets: That abrasive girl called me back. Her sarcasm is really grating.

Me: What was it this time?

Zeets: She asked me what I did this past weekend. So I told her I went to a Civil War reenactment, and she was like [Zeets affected a drippingly caustic tone of voice] “Oh GOD, don’t tell me you were one of those guys who dresses up in the uniform and everything. That’s SOO sexy.”

Me: It’s SOO sexy when girls talk like that.

Zeets: It’s unfeminine. It doesn’t make me want to have sex with her, I can tell you that. I explained that I went to watch and learn some history, but she kept being sarcastic. She can’t turn it off. I mean, I know she likes me since she called me, but she can’t talk like a normal human being for one second.

Me: What happened next?

Zeets: So I said “Well, what did you do this weekend? Yoga book club? Rescue an orphaned cat?” Then there was this long awkward silence. I relished it. There was no sound. I could hear her thinking on the other end of the phone. Finally, she says “Ach, I’ll just speak to you later in the week” and hangs up.

Me: You need a sweetie-pie. This girl wasn’t it.

Zeets: No, she was a vomit-pie.


Sarcasm is a leading indicator of low self esteem in a woman. It is a masculine manifestation driven by the ego that cannot coexist with the inner feminine driven by the heart. A girl who leans on the crutch of sarcasm to thrash her way through a conversation is hiding insecurities behind a phony facade of gritty toughness. She sees the world through a lens of negativity. Her first instinct is to doubt sincerity in others, because she is herself insincere in everything she says and does. When your date wallows in sarcastic “humor”, you will know you are dealing with a girl who is untrusting, manipulative, and incapable of being vulnerable around you. She is afraid you will see right through to her core being, and you will judge. Sarcasm shields her self-doubt from you.

Low self esteem + fear of vulnerability + sarcasm = typical urban woman.

These are the key ingredients of the Bitch. She is inherently unfeminine. Screen for these types early and often, and let the betas suffer the Bitches’ weaknesses. They deserve each other.


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