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Before And After

A. Before I learned game

[In bed with a woman after sex, starting to fall asleep]

Me: *yawn*
Her: Hey, I feel weird. I think I’m going to go.
Me: Huh? What do you mean “weird”?
Her: It’s not a good or bad feeling. Just… I don’t know. [She slides out of bed and patters to the den]
Me: [Calling from bed] You OK? So, like, what’s wrong?
Her: [Putting on her clothes and digging through her purse] Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just gonna go.
Me: [Hopping out of bed, putting on my boxers, and joining her in the den] “You can stay the night, you know. You want a drink or something? You don’t have to rush out.”
Her: No, really, but thanks. [She walks to the door and fumbles with the locks] See you, bye.
Me: [Standing in my boxers and watching her leave] Um, sure. All right, see you then.

B. After I learned game

[In bed with a woman after sex, starting to fall asleep]

Me: *yawn*
Her: Hey, I feel a little weird.
Me: [Turning my head to look at her with one eye] You don’t say.
Her: Yeah, I think I’m going to go.
Me: OK.
Her: I mean, it’s not a bad feeling, I just feel kind of weird, you know?
Me: Sure, no prob.
Her: [Sliding out of bed to dress herself in the den and rummage through her purse]
Me: [Fluffing my pillow]
Her: [Some time passes. She is unlocking the door] So, um, I’m gonna take off. See ya.
Me: ZZZZZzzzzzz…
Her: You asleep?
Me: [Lifting my head off the pillow] Oh… yeah. You know how to get home from here?
Her: Yes, thanks, I do.
Me: Cool, take care. Hey, give the door a good pull when you close it.

I get a text message from her the following morning:
‘Sorry for my bad mood last night. Want to meet up later this week?’


If you thought A was the superior reaction, you get *NO GIRLS*. You lose! Good day, beta!

PS: Give or take a few minor word substitutions for illustrative purposes, I experienced these two nearly identical conversations and post-coital scenarios from two different girls three years apart, pre- and post-game. Women really are all the same underneath the hood. It’s a miracle of triumphal hedonism over cynicism that I unreservedly love them so deeply, madly, truly.


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