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I mentioned in the comments over at Half Sigma’s blog that if the rumors of Sarah Palin’s adultery were true it wouldn’t surprise me since she has a masculine jawline which suggests higher levels of testosterone than the average woman. More testosterone means more sexual impulsivity. Curious, I looked for a photo that would show her index finger to ring finger digit ratio. Here’s the clearest one I could find:

looking like a woman, feeling like a man.

The evidence is in — her right hand’s ring finger is considerably longer than her index finger. Sarah Palin was exposed to higher than normal amounts of testosterone in her mother’s womb. This would go a long way to explaining her love of non-metrosexual alpha men, caribou hunting, moose dressing, shooting, tattoos, having lots of sex, crushing her enemies, and her meteoric rise to the top of the manly world of Alaska politics. Bristol Palin probably inherited her mother’s strong libido.

Personally, I like Sarah Palin, mostly because her mere existence drives SWPLs crazy with hate. I wouldn’t be attracted to her as girlfriend material, though. I prefer my women sweet, girly and feminine, not hard-driving and bloodthirsty. I would be suspicious if a girl I was dating told me she liked hunting or wanted to run for public office.

PS: This will be my last post on Sarah Palin. She embodies a lot of modern cultural and psychosocial baggage which is why I’ve been writing about her. I won’t write much about politics until election day. Our prediction: Obama by fewer than 100,000 total votes. The red blue electoral map will look nearly identical to the previous two elections. Same old same old… for now. Reconquista!


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