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Some Great Age Negs

If you routinely date younger women, this age neg works well to set an advantageous frame for yourself.

You: How old are you?

Her: 28.

You: Wow, I never would have guessed.

Let it drop after that. The neg is stuctured in such a way that if said with a straight face and raised eyebrows will make her wonder whether you would’ve guessed younger or older. If she persists in knowing what you meant, then ignore her and change the subject, or answer evasively.

Her: What do you mean??

You: I dunno. You just don’t… fit… your age. Btw, you ever see couples that don’t seem to fit right, but then they’re like the happiest couples in the world?

You really want to keep her confused about how she is being perceived by you. That is what builds intrigue, and intrigue is the rebar of female attraction.

Here are a couple more frame-setting age negs that work no matter what the age difference between you and the girl.

Her: How old are you?
You: You first.
Her: 25.
You: Oh oh.
Her: What?
You: I don’t normally date older women. They have too many issues in my experience.

This neg is especially effective when the girl is considerably younger than yourself. Imagine a 35 year old guy telling a 22 year old girl she’s too old for him. It quickly reverses the frame in your favor.


Her: How old are you?
You: Guess.
Her: 28.
You: Close. And you’re… 27.
Her: No, 23.
You: Oh no, really?
Her: Yeah, why?
You: I like to date older women. Everyone knows they’re more mature and classy.

Notice I used the term “everyone knows”. It’s a bit jarring in the context of this short conversation, but that doesn’t matter. Girls are very sensitive to groupthink, so my words will have the intended effect — to put her in the role of the one seeking approval.


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