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Occasionally, as you stalk your way through the great veldts of vagina, prey will put itself in your mouth. If you look good, and look sharp, and are saying all the right things with your body language, maybe one woman each night you go out will make her interest in you blatantly obvious. Such obvious signs include smiling at you from across the room, looking back at you more than once, and pointing at you then pointing at her crotch and pointing back at you while mouthing “you, me?”

On very rare occasions she will approach you. It’s hard to overestimate the rarity of the female cold approach. Unless you are famous and need cuntblockers to keep women off you, you will be able to remember every time a girl approached you. The cold approach is probably the most glaring gender difference — women simply don’t do it, and men will get nowhere without it.

You can facilitate women approaching you if you give them an excuse. Ideally, a girl who likes your style and social aura will want you to come over to her, but if that doesn’t happen and she is an unusually assertive girl, she might walk over to you as long as you have something on or around you that she can comment on. This is what I call passive game — set it and forget it.

I was sitting on a barstool with my camera in my back pocket and the strap dangling out. A girl walked up to me and said she had a bet with her two friends (she pointed back at two girls ten feet away who were watching us) about the identity of the thing sticking out of my back pocket. (I liked the bet angle. This girl had game.) Of course I didn’t give her a straight answer. I told her it was my thong.

Other items that serve as handy excuses for girls to approach you:

an obvious condom packet impression in a shirt or pants pocket.
better yet, a condom pendant.
a woman’s lipstick kiss on your cheek (a Mystery staple).
a colored string or piece of cloth hanging out of your pocket or waistband.
a nude girl pen tucked behind your ear.
a t-shirt with words in a foreign language.
a ring pop.

As you can tell, none of these things make any sense (except the kiss, you player). That’s good; it means they’ll work to coax a girl to comment on them. If you don’t like wearing feather boas, you can’t go wrong with these understated accoutrements.

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