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I’ve been reading a lot of Stephane Hemon’s stuff lately and what he talks about is similar to what I’ve been mulling over in my head and heart lately. I believe the circle is my next step in life. To do this, I’ll have to become totally comfortable with the idea of loss, because to reach this level you can’t be hobbled by risk aversion or ego protection.

Here’s a video of him with his three girls. His “primary” girlfriend is on the far right.

I could do without his focus on chakras and metaphysics, as that offends my rational mind, but his core understanding of women and their natures is solid. The psychobabble stuff is just prettified words for biological processes. You can’t argue with results, and maintaining a loving harem of cute girls is proof his skills are unassailable.

Here are a couple of points he makes in his writings which I feel are packed with wisdom:

“[You want to stay in your zone. A good metaphor would be] your circle of girls are playing under the oak tree.”

“If you are single, dating casually, or in a long-term relationship, keep on reading because every single interaction that you have with an attractive woman is, in fact, A RELATIONSHIP. You guys are relat-ing with each other, it’s just a matter of degree.”

That last point is critical. No longer will I draw such bright lines between friendships, dating, flings, and relationships. My new way of thinking is that every inspiring girl I meet is already in a relationship with me — we are already relating sexually and emotionally — and my male energy won’t be held in check by socially approved categories. This is love consciousness.

But of course there is still biological reality and it wouldn’t be very special of me to neglect to point out that Stephane’s main girlfriend (the one he met and fell in love with first) is the cutest of the three. Perhaps the Ego of Jealousy is not so easily transcended.


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