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Instant Attraction

A girl’s sexual attraction can be triggered nearly as fast as a man’s.

I was with a group of friends at a rooftop bar when three girls who were milling about joined our conversation. One of the girls was a little testier than the others and swapped a couple of sarcastic one-liners with us when one of my friends grinned really wide and said:

“You look like you haven’t been laid in a while.”

BOOM. Instant attraction. You could see it in her eyes. In a flash he had gone from random guy at bar to sex object in her mind.

She pretended to be offended and walked off. My friend didn’t budge or watch her walk away. He said she’ll be back. I glanced at the girl who was now on the other side of the bar and caught her looking over at my friend multiple times. She was completely hooked.

Five minutes later she returned to our group and asked him why he thinks that about her. She touched his arm while she asked this.

Women are as Pavlovian in their sexual responses as men are; they just react to different stimuli.


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