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My Advice To The Republicans

Vote for Hillary or Obama. If a left wing socialist in the White House next year is guaranteed (as appears likely with McCain the presumptive Republican nominee. details upon request.) it’s better that person is one you can wash your hands of, so when the inevitable shit hits the fan you will be well-positioned in 2012. Think: “fresh start” and “vote for change”.

George W. Bush has been a Trojan Horse disaster for the party. You wanted him, now it’s time to take your bitter medicine to rid your party of his viral infection. The people are crying out for the purifying acid bath of an anti-W. Let them have it. The country needs to be brought to its knees before it can rise up again. Electoralshock treatment.

To those Republicans who still understand what the party stands for and are considering voting for McCain: If you have to sacrifice 100% of your principles in order to win, you have already lost.

Hillary the Harridan 2008!


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