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Tom Brady Lessons

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This made me laugh.

A female friend and I were at dinner recently when we both admitted something that, under normal circumstances, would get us kicked out of the female species.

Neither of us thought less of Tom Brady for having a baby outside of wedlock with Bridget Moynahan while juggling a burgeoning relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Scientists are baffled!

But this is just part of what makes Brady amazing. He is that rare celebrity who isn’t judged by whom or how he dates because his accomplishments, coolness, elegance and good looks are too overwhelming.

I wrote about the basic truths of human nature and the loose concept of morality that everyone follows whether they admit it or not:

Sexually attractive people can get away with more.  And they will have more willing apologists excusing their actions.

Mothers of murderers will defend their wicked spawn right to the bitter end. Feminists will stay silent when Bill Clinton ravages interns and humiliates his wife. And women will give a free pass to star quarterbacks who abandon their pregnant girlfriends for supermodels.

Lesson: You can get away with a lot if you do it with style.


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