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It Counts

It’s no news that guys inflate their notch numbers and girls undercount theirs.  What is amusing is how girls find ways to lower their total score by devising elaborate schemes that make distinctions between sex and “fooling around”.

Hummers are a great example of this. While not technically sex, it’s close enough that she can’t just say nothing happened. An orifice was filled, so her whore score should reflect that. There’s no writing off a blowjob in a club bathroom.

Similary, fingerbanging has to count. It meets the filled orifice test, and someone is getting off.

Vacation sex is a big undercounting tactic, and fairly common, even among prim girls.  I’m pretty sure when girls talk about how much they love traveling they are really speaking in code for “how much they love traveling to get it on with an exotic local, preferably from a Meditteranean or Romance language nation, and then fly back home where the fling with the sexy accent can’t stalk her or cause trouble with her fiancee, and she can safely hide the memories.”

So the next time a girl tells you she loves to travel know that you are dealing with a slut who has moved operations overseas.


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