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Thought Experiment

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You’ve met a girl, hit it off, and banged her. A week later, you bang her again, but this time she says she has to go for good because, and though she feels bad about covering it up, she’s actually in a relationship. You, being the intrepid pussy hound you are, understand that her “relationship” is creaking like an old attic. With the right words you have a chance of stealing her away.

After she mentions the boyfriend, replying with which of the following will give you the best odds of banging her again:

a) “It’s good that you’ve found your one true love. People can sometimes search forever and never find that person who opens them up to explore all the possibilities. I’m sure when you see him your heart still races… he sparks your passion… you feel electricity every time he touches you… that is a great feeling… to know you have that with someone who really REALLY loves you… and you really love in return.”

b) “I can tell by the look in your eyes and the tone of your voice you’re not into this guy. This is crazy, I know, but I’m going to guess that you feel you should be with someone else… now, with me… I never stay in relationships for convenience. Do you know what I mean? There is too little time in this world to waste it on someone you don’t love. You can do better. Forget about him and just be here with me.”

c) “Boyfriend?? Drop the zero and get with the hero, babe!”

d) “Boyfriend? That’s cool. Bring him along! He can buy us drinks.”


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