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A refutation of yet another feminism core belief.

Women are happier in traditional marriages.

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Model 1 indicates that wives who hold egalitarian gender attitudes, who work parttime, and who take a larger share of the family breadwinning responsibilities are less happy. (p.1331)

Indeed, Models 3 and 4 provide some support for the gender model of marriage insofar as women who earn a greater-than-average percentage of couple income … and whose husbands take up a greater share of household labor report greater unhappiness.

When reading the avalanche of studies published now on an almost weekly basis giving the lie to nearly every major feminist tenet, I ask myself two questions.  One, why did so many women vouch fealty to this noxious ideology and, two, why did so many shitlapping betas men follow suit?

On the first, I suspect the masculine yang personalities of the feminist leadership propelled this small segment of the female population toward deliberating and advancing a new philosophy that more closely matched what they personally were convinced would make them happy in life.  Many of the feminist bullhorns are bull dykes, which means they are far removed from the experience of living as normal hetersexual women, and those feminist leaders who are straight possess a lot of character traits which we associate with high testosterone men.  Traits like furious energy, righteous anger, love of abstract argumentation, preoccupation with control, money and fair play, and an intense aversion to submissiveness.

These self-proclaimed gender warriors for all women were abetted by a congenial media stocked full with the same kinds of aggressive careerist women.  The riptide of this bellicose united voice for change dragged a substantial number of naive young women out to the sea of anti-male bitterness.  Real science (i.e., not the dippy post-modern deconstructionist humanities) during the heyday of feminism had yet to catch up to the accumulating lies of the spinsterhood, so the harpies were able to proceed unimpeded for decades brainwashing college girls until their minions were reflexively spouting “glass ceiling!” and “patriarchal oppression!” without a hint of humor*.

Maxim #4 in a series:
Trust no one missing a sense of humor.

On the second question as to why a significant number of whipped curs men went to the gallows willingly and thereby doomed themselves to lives of gender confusion and unhappiness, I can only point to the well-known fact that men will say anything to get into a woman’s pants.  After all, in the immediate-term what harm is there in raising your thumb-tucked-inside-hand fist in support of female empowerment if it means she’ll reward the rapport and connection she feels you two have with hot, hairy-bush sex?  It’s not something I advocate, but it is something I understand.  There were times when my date launched into a vapid diatribe about some issue I nodded my head amiably knowing full well that it was personally advantageous for me to conceal my views until after I had broken her with sex.  In fact, if the notch was not a long-term prospect, I often made sport of revealing my true nature during the first post-coital cuddling.

“you know, baby, i’m a big fan of the 2nd amendment.  i think it’s important for people to have the right to bear arms and shoot a mugger in the face.  fuck those pantywaists who load their diapers at the merest thought of defending themselves.”

(Funny thing is, most of the time this doesn’t scare them away.  There’s a brief spat of indignation followed by a blowjob.)

Besides the go-along-to-get-along suckups, there are the genuine testicle-impaired betas who swallowed the feminism cumload without a dribble and loved the taste.  They are enablers of the worst sort as by their actions they have disadvantaged themselves as well as the women they purport to champion.  Knee them in the balls when you see them.  They will hardly flinch.

Today, men are responding to the detritus of feminism with game.  And as men are wont to do, they have brainstormed and elevated the art of seduction to a science and a business model.  Women who lament this development in the relations between the sexes have only themselves to blame.  They set the rules of the game; men react to the rules by taking advantage of new opportunities to get what they want.  Opportunities like the 3-date rule and the freedom to have premarital sex and illegitimate children and fuck around and cohabit and abort and split the check and in general be a guiltless cad or slut.  And the most delicious irony of the 40 year feminist war against human nature is that women have abdicated the very thing feminism attempted to consolidate –

their sexual prerogative.


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