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YaReally wrote in response to this post about cold reading women:

This is super gay. But it works. It’s just really oldschool tech like “can I get a female opinion?” from back when PUA was more “I’m a dancing monkey – please approve of me” versus now where it’s evolved more to “go ahead, try to impress me”.

PUAs would get girls asking “are you gay??” all the time because of stuff like this where you’re sort of absorbing part of girls’ personality an mannerisms into yours. Guys would drop into valley-girl speak (“like omg totally”) and shit.

Thing is, it works. The girls would shriek “omg!!!” and be intrigued. Some guys even played the gay thing up all the way to fucking the girl, just to experiment with it lol

But PUA has evolved a lot since then, now we tend to focus on emphasizing the masculine side of things and making the girl qualify herself to us instead of emphasizing the feminine side of things and trying to fit into the girl’s world.

So instead of wearing a feather boa and going “guys I totally need a girl’s opinion–(touch an elbow) omg you are SO the Samantha of the group aren’t you lol” you just wear normal clothes and go “hey, who are you? You’re cute, come here. (grab around the waist, pull her in) Why are you causing trouble, hmm?”

Best term for describing it that I’ve heard so far is speaking to the girl like “a man to a woman”. The old way, like this Glee routine, is speaking to the girl like “a woman to a woman”.

Again it works, I’m not talking smack about the concept itself. I’ve seen a buddy use “you guys are like the Powerpuff Girls” to consistently blow open sets of chicks like a fucking nuke going off, it’s retarded. BUT, consider how you want your vibe to come off to people in general before you run around using routines like this.

Intriguingly, bisexual men have a higher chance to reproduce than heterosexual men, (and some famous seducers who had world beating notch counts are rumored to be bisexual), which implies that men with a dollop of feminine characteristics — i.e., men who can better simulate female behavior and relate to women in their language — will have more success bedding women than very masculine men.

This concept of masculine game and feminine game presents the potential for a major rift in thinking, resulting in a dichotomy in game technology. Let’s face it, there’s a big difference between acting like a funtime drama queen pushing girls’ buttons until they’re chasing after you, and acting like a steely-eyed James Bond character overwhelming women with dominant gestures and terse mystery.

YaReally is right that both methods work, but the question is if one is better than the other. I have said that the best seducers must know their prey inside and out, and to do that one must adopt the psychology of his exquisite foe. A master panty collector seduces women using their own subconscious tactics and manipulations against them; he flips the script. This script flipping could be called feminine game, because what you do is essentially what women routinely do to men: qualify them, neg them, shit test them, backturn, push-pull, hot cold hot cold, jealousy plotlines, coyness, etc.

Most core game concepts are basically borrowed female courtship ruses that are adjusted to fit the straight male sensibility (i.e., to avoid the “uncanny faggy”). They work, because as innately solipsistic creatures, women love men who reflect their black souls back at them.

Masculine game shares some techniques with feminine game, but it differs in a fundamental way: instead of leading a girl to the chase through delightful subterfuge, you overwhelm her resistance with dominance and an attitude of entitlement. Pictorially, masculine game is an oak tree: solid, immovable, protective, unshakeable. Feminine game is a nimble-tongued artiste: ephemeral, adaptable, entrancing, insufferable.

YaReally says that Masculine Game is iteration #2 of game, which intrigues me, because that presupposes there were deficiencies with Feminine Game (iteration #1) that needed rectifying. I would like to know more about the latest developments in this area.

Personally, I find myself using techniques from both schools of thought, and adopting both attitudes in measure when it suits me, or the moment calls for it. I imagine men who enjoy a life brimming with the carnal company of women are the same way: possessors of the masculine and feminine charms, dispensed when expedient and integrated to whichever context envelops them.

As a very basic guiding principle, it could be said that Feminine Game is both early game and pre-relationship game — the game you use to attract women and the game you incorporate up until the point you start having regular sex with your lover. Conversely, Masculine Game is mid game, as well as relationship game — the game you use to draw a woman in during the comfort and seduction stage, and the game you incorporate into a serious relationship, when your lover needs to see stronger signs of your commitment, loyalty and strength.


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