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False Equivalence Of Desire

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There is a muddying-the-water tactic that feminists and their sympathizers employ whenever the subject of chicks digging jerks comes up. They like to ask, under false pretenses, why men prefer hot bitches instead of hot non-bitches.

Unfortunately for them, the equivalence isn’t true, except in the minds of the most gullible. This feminist meme is simply an attempt to divert uncomfortable attention from the female predilection for assholes by asserting an imaginary equivalence with a supposed urge by men to date only hot slutty bitches.* The truth is that most men like hot, loving, devoted women. Very few men, betas or alphas, prefer the long term companionship of disloyal, bitchy sluts.

Men, whose eros is largely motivated by a woman’s looks, will of course occasionally dump a raunchy fuck in some hot, slutty bitch. But when a woman is under consideration as girlfriend or wife material, her bitchiness or sweetness plays an important role in how much commitment a man is willing to give her. The bitchier she is, the less likely a man will want more from her than a few nights of feral passion.

And of the men who do find themselves hitched to bitches, we often find an assortment of option-less betas who put up with the bitchiness for the pussy, but who would, given confidence in their ability to seduce women, leave the bitches for equally hot but temperamentally sweet women.

This is in stark contrast to women, who, in numbers far exceeding the meager few high value men who actively pursue bitches for LTRs, fall head over heels IN LOVE with assholes, stick with them for years after their assholery has become apparent, and who even bear the assholes’ children, risking the stigma of single momhood in the process. Furthermore, and unlike the beta males stuck with bitches, it is often the HOTTEST GIRLS with OPTIONS who willingly choose to be with assholes and suffer their putative torments.

No, the desire for jerks is, and has always been, mostly a female phenomenon. Stereotypes don’t materialize out of thin air; there is a basis in reality for them. And the stereotype of chicks digging jerks is as widely-held and historical as any other noted difference between the sexes. Perhaps moreso now, thanks to the tireless (and fun) efforts of this blog’s crusade to illuminate the truth.

*Hey, but at least feminists have tacitly admitted that chicks do indeed dig jerks.


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