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From lock n’ load:

It’s amazing how much blubba bitch’s SMV increases when she just LOSES SOME GODDAMN WEIGHT.

I remember a woman who lost 45 lbs because she lost her job and had to eat oranges from a tree in her backyard to survive. Before, when she was chubby, I did not want any part of her. When she reappeared minus the weight, her attractiveness hextupled. I did not care about her financial troubles, I genuinely found myself interested.

There ya go, folks. A funny story that illustrates the huge differences between the sexes. If you’re a fat woman who has lost your job and are forced to eat nothing but oranges from a backyard tree to survive, resulting in weight loss down to a slender profile, you will become more attractive to men, including financially sound men who could whisk you away from your misery.

Fatness: it matters to your life outcomes, ladies.


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