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Submitted for your edification. walawala writes:

I was chatting with a girl on an online website.

At some point, she says “You’re just not my cup of tea…”

I pause….

Then I replied…

Me: “Glad you said that…”

Her: “Why?”

Me: “I just saw your age, 35, actually I’m looking for someone younger, good luck”.

Her: Where you from?

Me: Sorry, I generally don’t chat with women over 29.

Her: Maybe if I knew you better

Me: silence…

End of conversation….

Flip the switch.

A few simple sentences is all it takes to psychologically move a woman from rejection (“you’re not my cup of tea”) to blossoming attraction (“maybe if I knew you better”). The power of game should never be underestimated.

Notice how walawala preps the woman for his reframe. He doesn’t immediately jump into the soulkilling age disqualification. He softens it first by saying “glad you said that”. This is a neurolinguistic trick that works by the effect of demonstrating composed indifference in the face of an ego assault, and by implicitly flattering the woman’s perspicacity, thus making her more receptive to the ensuing disqualification.

Well played, walawala.


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