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Face Saving

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Recently I was talking with a girl about the first time we met (read: the first time I forced her to meet me with my brazen approach) and how I went about seducing her. She laughed and told me my “palm reading was gay”. I reminded her how much she enjoyed it at the time, her palm outstretched in eager anticipation.

This is not the first time a girl I have banged has mused on the gayness or silliness of the game I ran to seduce her into bed. Girls love to look back fondly and say “Oh, he was such a dork the way he tried to pick me up”, as if they thought it would be cute to let me think I was making headway with them, then decided to sleep with me for reasons beyond my ken. Naturally, I accept this for the face saving maneuver it is; girls simply don’t want to rationally acknowledge how easily they fall for a man with tight game. But it’s so transparent. Every girl who has said my gaming of her was “gay” or “silly” had lapped it up in the moment like a hungry kitten in front of a bowl of milk.

Girls are gay.


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