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Purity Vortex


If inventions of the White man didn’t exist, there’s a very high probability that the polar vortex shattering records across the northern states would cull a disproportionate number of the resettled tropic-evolved gifts of love.

The best maul-right argument for addressing and reversing global warming* is that it will create an environment favorable to Whites and hostile to invasive tribes.

J.R. strips away the rhetorical fluff,

Europe and North America were cold and hostile places

we invented central heating, AC, supermarkets, and fast food

so now you can easily make it 70 degrees all the time
and have a constant and steady supply of cheap food
that requires almost no effort or intelligence to acquire

we’ve basically recreated Africa

Which means we’ve recreated a dysgenic breeding environment, which affects Whites as well.


From a reader,

A single winter without modern heating and many northern states would be 99% founding stock again.

A snow-kissed lass.

Seasonal mood music: “Winter Chan“.

PS Twatter has banned users from tweeting “Learn to Code” at fired whorenalists. From Aquinas,

All effective rhetoric will be banned. It is a new axiom. If your online campaign does not end in some kind of banning, then you know it was not effective.

I’m strangely proud that I was among the first wave of Twatter bannings. (And then the second and third waves.)

PPS Since we’re on the subject of snow white purity, if demographic destruction is baked in the cake (see: France, Scandinavia, Anglosphere), then it stands to reason that many if not most of the beleaguered Whites in those rapidly transforming countries would respond by abjectly placating their POC replacements. Once the Fuggernaut becomes unmanageable (IT’S ALIVE) Whites will try to rationalize their dispossession absent the will to fight. “Not to worry, these new vibrant miseries imposed on us by a hostile elite are actually good for us! I’m so happy! Couldn’t be happier!” This is the shitliberalism central tenet. Defying this tenet means you are, in essence, calling out White shitlibs as cowards. That is why they screech in pain.

PPPS My soul is the North.

My heart is the South.

My head is the Midwest.

My erotic anime collection is the West.


*I won’t get into the thickets of anthropogenic global warming theory here, except to say that

a. the earth is likely warming a bit, but not as much as warmists claim.

b. humans are probably responsible for some of that warming, but exogenous sources such as solar cycles are downplayed or ignored by shitlibs.

c. shitlib laysoys and shitlib scientists exaggerate the threat (and goose the data when they think no one will hold them accountable — see: NASA, NOAA).

d. we are entering a solar minimum period which will counteract any global warming effects for the next thirty years or so.

e. detached polar vortices are theoretically explainable by current AGW theory (a smaller high latitude-low latitude gradient in upper air temperatures allows the jet stream to meander more wildly, allowing “pieces” of polar air to plunge southward), but of course shitlibs have poisoned the science by retroactively explaining any climate variation, hot or cold, wet or dry, as evidence of AGW.

f. AGW is the substitute religion for shitlibs, and like all zealots they have embraced the apocalyptic overtones of their religion and can’t tolerate heretics. Their AGW religion is rivaled in intensity of belief only by their race denialism religion.

g. In the meantime, the best solution to AGW is mitigation. That includes nuclear power, sea walls, and northward migration, among a bevy of other rational responses to the threat. It DOES NOT mean killing the modern economy by banning oil or requiring governments to give every person in the world a $7K subsidy to buy an electric car. Solar and wind power can fill energy niches, but can’t scale up without massive state subsidies. Batteries are of limited use and cause their own ecological problems. The only energy source, as of now, that can compete with oil in terms of EIEO, is nuclear. If a shitlib you know is against nuclear energy, then that shitlib is not serious about her global warming hysteria.


I’ll admit I laughed.

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