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Sweden Does One Thing Right

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Commenter Stu wrote this in the comments:

As for you guys thinking about kids, do not do it.  I speak from experience here.  I love my kid but fuck man, it’s such a drag being a parent.  Especially since I got divorced (and having a kid fucking accelerated that process) and have joint custody so I have to be daddy every other week.

The reason why I do it though is two fold: I don’t want my daughter to be brain washed by her psychotic mother and it means I don’t pay a single penny in child support.  I’m glad I got divorced in Sweden – no alimony ever and no child support if you have joint custody.

If this is true that in Sweden joint custody means no child support or alimony is extorted from the man, then their divorce laws are more just than the divorce laws in the US. All that’s left to answer is how often Swedish judges award joint custody.

Yet one more reason to ditch American women for a foreign lover.

I also agree with Stu’s advice to avoid having kids. Every guy I know who has kids has no social life and, judging by their griping, a nearly nonexistent sex life. I say get your kid fix from nieces and nephews. You visit a few hours each month and play airplane with them, then you leave. All of the fun, none of the fun-killing responsibility.


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