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David Alexander, frequent blogosphere commenter, extraordinarily successful troll, and often self-contradictory advocate for the supposed virtues of the celibate omega male way of life, has started a church — The Church of David Alexander — and a new religion, Davidalexanderism.

Here is his First Article of Faith:

Article The First: Betas must not reproduce or impose themselves upon women. These women are unwilling, only wishing to steal your money perhaps or shower you with contempt.

Hey, if enlightened liberal SWPLs can invent a new cult religion worshipping Gaia and Her only begotten Sons, Anthropogenic Global Warming and Free Range Sea Salt, I don’t see why it’s any less irrational for David Alexander to have a church in His name where His flock goes to worship the greatness of His supernatural omegatude.

“I am the beta and the omega, the second from last and the last, the living end and the dead end.”

“I am beta am.”

“Go, be fruitless and masturbate.”

(Church of David Alexander website courtesy of reader Bhetti.)


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